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    Price List by Timmaah


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    Price List by Timmaah

    Post  timmaah on Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:16 am

    Dragon Full Helm - 25mil
    Dragon Platebody - 35mil
    Dragon Legs - 10mil
    Dragon Boots - 3.5mil
    Dragon Fire Shield - 120mil
    Bandos Chestplate - 125mil
    Bandos Tasset - 110mil
    Bandos Boots - 10mil
    Helm of Neit - 10mil
    Strength Amulet (T) - 5mil
    Magic Amulet (T) - 5mil
    Amulet of Fury - 10mil
    Karils Coif: 10mil
    Kails Leathertop: 15mil
    Karils Leatherskirt: 8mil
    Karils Crossbow: 13mil
    Dharocks Helm: 25mil
    Dharocks Platebody: 30mil
    Dharocks Platelegs: 20mil
    Dharocks Axe: 35mil
    Ahrims Hood: 15mil
    Ahrims Robetop: 10mil
    Ahrims Robeskirt: 12mil
    Guthans Helm: 5mil
    Guthans Platebody: 10mil
    Guthans Platelegs: 8mil
    Guthans Spear: 13mil
    Verac Helm: 15mil
    Verac brassard: 20mil
    Verac Plateskirt: 10mil
    Verac Flail: 15mil
    Torags Helm: 10mil
    Torags Platebody: 15mil
    Torags Platelegs: 13mil
    Torags Hammer: 10mil
    Dragon Claws - 85mil
    Armadyl Godsword - 125mil
    Bandos Godsword - 110mil
    Saradomin Godsword - 75mil
    Zamarock Godsword - 60mil
    Abyssal Whip: 25mil
    Beserker Ring - 3.5mil
    Warrior Ring - 2.5mil
    Archery Ring - 4.5mil
    Staff of Light - 75mil
    Armadyl Helm: 30mil
    Armadyl Platebody: 45mil
    Armadyl Platelegs: 35mil
    Dark Bow - 25mil
    Cape of Legend - 15mil
    Slayer Helm: 35mil
    Vesta platebody: 250mil
    Vesta Plateskirt: 235mil
    Satius Helm: 500mil
    Statius Platebody: 535mil
    Statius Platelegs: 515mil
    Statius Hammer: 250mil
    Vesta Longsword: 600mil
    Vesta Spear: 175mil
    Chaotic Maul: 850mil
    Chaotic Longsword: 1.3bil
    Chaotic Staff: 125mil
    Chaotic Rapier: 225mil
    Eagle Eye Kiteshield: 200mil
    Red Partyhat: 1.5bil
    Blue Partyhat: 1.5bil
    Green Partyhat: 1.2bil
    White Partyhat: 1.3bil
    Yellow Partyhat: 1.3bil
    Purple Partyhat: 1.2bil

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